What a Year of Love and Care Can Accomplish


Last March, I wrote a post introducing my mom’s newly rescued, blind Pekingese, ChuChu. He’d only been part of the family for a few days then and we’d just learned that his blood work indicated impending kidney failure. Seven weeks ago, we celebrated ChuChu’s first Gotcha Day. He’s still blind, but that’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed. He’s likely not even as old as we originally thought! Love, pampering, good nutrition, and supplements have changed this little dog’s life.

ChuChu's Petfinder Photo, March 2011

ChuChu, shortly after his adoption, March 2011

ChuChu after adoption w/his shelter haircut, March 2011

ChuChu clipped by a groomer and getting healthier, May 2011

ChuChu, charming and fluffy, February 2012

ChuChu visiting me at the office, April 2012

ChuChu is the happiest little dog you could imagine. He spent years neglected and malnourished. He was in such bad shape when he was dumped at the shelter, that they had almost no hope that anyone would want to adopt him. He is spoiled rotten now though! He’s so much healthier than he was a year ago too, but his blood work still isn’t where we would like it to be. Maybe by next year… :)